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Boosting staff recognition and sharing thanks

Gratitude and recognition in LTC go beyond a nice to have; they're powerful contributors to team success, retention and a culture that ultimately improves resident care.

Research indicates that employees who feel appreciated report significantly higher levels of job satisfaction and are markedly more likely to stay with their employer.

Recognizing the impact of staff appreciation, SE Health, through the support of the CAN Health Network, teamed up with Caribou Health Technologies, to transform the simple act of saying 'thank you’ into a powerful tool, seamlessly integrating gratitude into their workplace culture. This not only uplifts team spirits but also significantly enhances engagement and retention, ultimately attracting new members to join SE Health.

The Challenge

Health care organizations nationwide face hurdles in recruiting and retaining talent, and SE Health, as one of Canada's largest healthcare entities, is no exception. With a growing demand for care and services, SE Health recognized the need for innovative strategies to build and support their teams effectively.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, the CAN Health Network connected SE Health with Caribou Health Technologies, a Canadian company on a mission to alleviate the caregiver shortage. Its flagship product, Caribou Rewards, is a digital rewards program designed to recognize and reward staff for outstanding efforts, while also making it simple to help with recruitment by referring friends.

Using Caribou Rewards, leaders at SE health can digitally acknowledge staff achievements in real-time, covering tasks such as training completion, incident reporting, and referrals.

More than a thank you

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The Goals

SE Health set clear objectives for the initiative:

  • Enhance staff engagement and satisfaction.

  • Demonstrate a reduction in leaders' time spent on manual rewarding tasks.

  • Increase leadership engagement.

  • Boost the quantity and quality of staff referrals.

The Results

The impact of Caribou Rewards speaks volumes:

  • An impressive 93% reduction in the time required to give recognition, dropping from 15 minutes per event to only 1 minute.

  • 35 times increase in the number of recognition events compared to the previous year, totaling over 18,000 events and exceeding 22,760,187 points awarded to SE Health employees.

  • 90% of leaders found SE Rewards 'very easy' to use, while 96% of front-line employees found it 'easy' or 'very easy' to sign up and utilize the platform.

  • The initiative resulted in 141 new referrals, with the referred individuals already integrated into the workforce in just five months. 

SE Health's Chief Human Resources Officer, Matt Snyder, expressed satisfaction with Caribou: "We are thrilled with the work that Caribou has done and the incredible partnership. They are a responsive, enthusiastic, and outcome-focused partner with a high service standard. Caribou has found and created an amazing value-add space that fills an urgent and immense need in Healthcare."

caribou testimonilas.png

SE Health's collaboration with Caribou Health Technologies has not only transformed the culture of recognition but has also proven to be a pivotal step in addressing the challenges of healthcare recruitment and retention. Together, they are shaping a future where exceptional employee experiences lead to unparalleled success in providing quality healthcare.

With ever-growing global demand for health care innovation, we know Canadian innovators are ready to create the health solutions needed by the world.

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