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Bruyère’s Health Innovation team is dedicated to changing the future of care in the nation’s capital and beyond.

Bruyère's Health Innovation Team

Our team includes clinicians, researchers, and innovators, committed to innovative, scalable, and evidence-based solutions to health challenges.

We work collaboratively with industry partners and health technology companies to co-design, pilot, and implement new solutions that can transform the health care system across hospitals and long-term care.

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How We Do It


Identify existing challenges and barriers to quality of care


Seek promising solutions or products that address our needs


Co-design, pilot, and evaluate the solution with the support of the company, our industry and commercialization partners, and Bruyère’s hospital and research teams

Solutions that meet or exceed our desired outcomes are proudly implemented at Bruyère. Project findings are published academically, and outcomes are shared with fellow health care organizations across the country to support further adoption.

Bruyère’s Health Innovation team focuses on working with Canadian health technology companies to drive improved patient outcomes and economic development across the country.



The Honourable Mary Ng

“CANImmunize and Bruyère, they had a solution that was a digital tracking system for the COVID-19 vaccinations. They actually became the solution for the province of Nova Scotia.”

Pushing Boundaries

Dr. Dante Morra, Chair of the CAN Health Network

“We are very proud to honour Bruyère for its commitment to questioning and pushing back against conventional thinking to bring innovative health care technologies to Canadians.”

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