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Hospital Employees


Hiring today's top health care professionals

Connecting our hiring team with qualified candidates.

Our clinicals teams are the backbone of Bruyère, but in today's competitive job market, finding qualified clinical talent is challenging. Most online job board platforms are not designed to capture the necessary certifications and qualifications that are typical of the health care industry, and they can be impersonal, both for recruiters and candidates.


Bruyère partnered with Caring Support, a Canadian platform designed for health care recruitment, to test its potential to  increase the number of job applications to Bruyère and to expand its network and diversify its recruitment channels.

The platform, which supports posting in English, French, and Spanish, also allows for filtering by specific qualifications and direct messaging to candidates. The ability to take a proactive approach through the direct messaging helps center meaningful connection in the hiring process. 

Over the course of our pilot with the platform, Bruyère was able to identify and connect with both local candidates and candidates from across Canada who were willing to relocate to Ottawa.

In addition to the platform’s features, Caring Support is dedicated to developing relationships with post-secondary institutions, growing their network of recent graduates, and helping to position regional health care organizations as an avenue into the workforce.

By the end of our seven-month trial, our hiring team received 230 applications, and Caring Support has now been adopted as a part of Bruyère's HR recruitment toolkit over the next year. With such a user-friendly experience for recruiters and candidates alike, we look forward to welcoming more exceptional individuals to our team through this platform.

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During our pilot, we saw:





Caring Support's platform continues to grow, from:





Eliza Mystille, Manager, Recruitment and Selection at Bruyère

We wanted an innovative approach to curating a pool of qualified candidates. Caring Support worked closely with us to understand our specific needs and then customized the service to meet them, which helped increase our visibility and attract more qualified applicants."
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