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Digitizing vaccination records and clinic workflow

Annual influenza immunization clinics play a crucial role in a hospital’s battle against the contraction and spread of infectious diseases. With COVID-19, we had to rethink how we delivered our flu vaccinations and store staff records.

Our team recognized that a digital health platform would eliminate analog inefficiencies, allowing for more vaccination appointments per hour and increase access for immunizations.


Leveraging a digital health platform would save staffing costs, ideally increase vaccination rates, and allow Occupational Health & Safety to both digitize vaccination records and embark on a digital transformation for the department.

We partnered with CANImmunize, an Ottawa-based national leader in vaccination record keeping, to develop a digital vaccination campaign platform.

As a result, we were able to offer and provide streamlined vaccination appointments to staff, staff family members, and patients of the Family Health Team clinic.


The digital platform was able to help us save time per vaccination which will establish a proposed reduction in clinic hours by 20% going forward, resulting in a 20% reduction in clinic staff costs.


Occupational Health & Safety now automatically has the flu data uploaded into employees’ immunization records and our employees have independent access to their digital flu vaccination record. CANImmunize was able to leverage the vaccination platform developed at Bruyère to become the dedicated platform for the COVID-19 vaccine in Nova Scotia and the Yukon.

CANImmunize_Clinic Flow Products.png

In just one seasonal flu campaign:









Steve Ross, Bruyère Registered Nurse

"Overall, I find the CANImmunize app very user friendly. I'm glad that it has now been amended to include age so I can prepare the appropriate vaccine ahead of the patient interaction."
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