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CAN Health Long-Term Care Innovation and Scaling Network

Success Stories

Canada’s long-term care sector is facing complex challenges, between a rapidly aging population and increasing strain on care providers and support systems.

Here are examples of successful partnerships between Canadian innovators and long-term care homes.


Boosting staff recognition and sharing thanks – with SE Health & Caribou Rewards

Gratitude and recognition in LTC go beyond a nice to have; they're powerful contributors to team success, retention and a culture that ultimately improves resident care.

Research indicates that employees who feel appreciated report significantly higher levels of job satisfaction and are markedly more likely to stay with their employer.

Recognizing the impact of staff appreciation, SE Health, through the support of the CAN Health Network, teamed up with Caribou Health Technologies, to transform the simple act of saying 'thank you’ into a powerful tool, seamlessly integrating gratitude into their workplace culture. This not only uplifts team spirits but also significantly enhances engagement and retention, ultimately attracting new members to join SE Health.

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