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Tackling exposure risk with streamlined digital screening

At the onset of COVID-19, Bruyère was faced with the challenge of staff and visitors intending to enter Bruyère’s multi-site hospital and long-term care homes as they normally would.

The need to screen employees and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms when entering our facilities was an immediate priority in our response to the pandemic.


Bruyère partnered with Macadamian, a global leader in digital health solutions based in the national capital region, to develop the HealthQ platform to screen employees with a set of clinical questions and a dedicated back end that sent failed screenings directly to Occupational Health & Safety for follow up.

The digital health app has been instrumental in reducing high-contact paper-based screening forms and addressing the resulting bottleneck at our doors.

HealthQ has played a key role in keeping COVID-19 out of our facilities and actively protecting patients from COVID-19.


Based on the work done at Bruyère, the HealthQ platform has been scaled to many other hospitals, long-term care homes, and industries around the globe.


Today, HealthQ is running tens of thousands of people through daily COVID health attestations and playing a critical role in combatting COVID-19.

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In the app's first year deployed, we saw:









Timon LeDain, Vice President Customer Value at Macadamian

“HealthQ originated as a solution to address an immediate need within your hospital and long-term care homes that scaled to support hospitals, long-term care homes, and various companies around the world as they returned to work while adhering to the government mandated screening first demanded of healthcare organizations. Every good solution requires an early adopter. Someone who will take the initial risk on an unproven approach to managing a new challenge and deploy it within their organization with all the initial bumps and issues that these always come with. Bruyère paved the way for others to follow.”
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